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I was born into a ambiguously Catholic family in Buffalo, NY in 1951. I was the third son in a family of four boys. The fourth son didn’t live very long and his death was traumatic for the entire family. I followed my older brothers through Catholic grade school, through the only Jesuit high school for boys in town, and I even attended the same Catholic college they graduated from. I received a very valuable gift from the Jesuits. They taught me how to think for myself.

While I was developing the ability to think critically, I realized that the Catholic dogma was not working for me any longer. I didn’t have a better answer to life’s mysteries so I decided to put the entire question of religion on the back burner. I hoped that somewhere along the road a reasonable alternative would show up.

I got married at the age of 19 while I was attending college. Upon graduation, I took my small family to Germany and taught English in a German middle school for two years. I returned to Buffalo and attended graduate school. When I received my graduate degree, I joined the blossoming computer industry as a computer programmer. I spent over 20 years in corporate America, got divorced, and never had time to revisit my religious beliefs. Until one day when a colleague of mine introduced me to “New Age” thought.

I left corporate America as an official “New Ager” and decided to something meaningful with my life. I opened a wellness center in 2002 that I named, “Phoenix Rising”. We focused on alternative healing modalities and all sorts of new age concepts. This is where I encountered “the Team”. Needless to say, my life has never been the same.

My reality shifted. The answers that I had been looking for in my youth were beginning to unfold. The Team presented a source of information that I never had access to before. I never knew where a team session was going to lead. And then one day they gave me the information about the Twelve Rays. They suggested that I write a book and share what I had been given.

It has taken over ten years to write this book, “The Reality of Your Greatness”. I am sharing this information about the Rays through the book, through the music of the Twelve Rays, and through the three workbooks I have written since which offer practical applications for the Twelve Rays. The workbooks, “The Twelve Rays”, “Creating Your Life with Grace and Ease”, and “You Are More”, are all available on Amazon as paperbacks or e-books.

We started receiving information about Metatron’s cube and the Platonic solids in the spring of 2019. According to “the Team”, “Metatron’s cube is a building block for all that exists in your world, a template. The energy can shift and change from moment to moment”.  And “Metatron’s cube is a key. A key to creation, a key to the molecular changes, the energy, a force so great and renewable. Your entire world has the potential to change, to be completely reinvented.”More information about Metatron's cube can be found on my author's website, 

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