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Musical Exercises Continued

These Extended Exercises Are Truly Inspiring 

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6thrayguidedRichard Shulman
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The Sixth Ray

The Sixth Ray has an indigo blue color. Here is a brief description of the Sixth Ray. “You can bring this Ray in, focus on it, envision it growing lighter for this energy is a very heavy energy in your earthly environment, it tends to cling. Yet used by raising it up in a lighter, less addictive vibration, it can help focus your intentions and your goals, your objectives.”

How do you raise it up to a lighter, less addictive vibration? You transmute the fear. What fear am I talking about? The fear of change is one example. Some people have as their life goal the preservation of the status quo no matter what that may be. For some the old adage, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know” guides them. There doesn’t seem to be much risk in trying to keep things the same. The only problem with that is there is another saying that says,” The only thing that is constant is change”.

This fear of change is particularly relevant when we talk about setting goals and objectives. We all have limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of becoming. These limiting beliefs create resistance not only to change, but also to setting our goals high. The first step in creating what we want in life is setting goals. If there is resistance, then we can use the First Ray to identify what the nature of the resistance is.

As you listen then to this musical exercise, set your intention on creating goals for yourself. Use this Ray to help you focus on what you want to experience in your life. Then use the other Rays as necessary to help you manifest your goals.     

The Seventh Ray

We refer to the Seventh Ray as the Gateway into Awareness. You may have heard it referred to in the past as the Violet Flame. Traditionally, the Seventh Ray has been used to release the weightiness of past experience. We now refer to this process as transmutation since energy is never destroyed. So what is being transmuted? We want to transmute our memories that are painful, that are filled with lower level energies like anger and fear, we want to transmute these memories with love and as we do we raise our entire vibrational frequency.

We often store these painful, hurtful memories in our physical bodies. And if we leave them unprocessed, they will generally lead to symptoms of ill health. Many believe that most of the symptoms of ill health are simply indications of unbalanced energy in the body.  When you work with the Seventh Ray to transmute the emotions stored in the body, you balance your energy and you will most likely experience the release of certain physical symptoms.


There are two distinct benefits from using the Seventh Ray. The first is a feeling of releasing stored emotions in the body that are energetically disruptive. The second benefit is the raising of your personal energetic level and as you raise up your energetic level, you gain access to higher levels of perspective and understanding. This second benefit is why we refer to this Ray as the Gateway into Awareness.

Anytime we use the Seventh Ray to transmute our personal energy, we also call in the Eight Ray which is a cleansing Ray that refreshes and replenishes and balances our energy. It can also be used to bring clarity.

Working with the Seventh and Eight Ray in this manner is a process of letting go of the old and embracing the new. Allow it to lead you into awareness of who you really are and why you are having this current experience of life.

Of all the Rays, I suggest that you work with the Seventh Ray more than once. You will likely have a different experience each time you work with it. I often refer to it as peeling back the layers of an onion.

When you are ready, sit back and relax and click on the audio player to start the guided exercise.

7thrayguidedRichard Shulman
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