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Musical Exercises Continued

These Extended Exercises Are Truly Inspiring 

9thrayguidedRichard Shulman
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The Ninth Ray

Welcome to the Ninth Ray music exercise featuring music infused with the Ninth Ray.  The Ninth Ray is a luminescent light blue and green blend of energy which we refer to as the Bridge to the Body of Light and while the colors may not reflect the energy as you would imagine it to be, the energy that flows through this Ninth Ray is a blend of the First and Second Rays.

We use this energy to loosen our ties with the physical plane and establish contact with the soul level. Many of us are very grounded in our physical bodies and find it hard to think of who we are beyond this dimension. That’s why we use the Ninth Ray. It helps us to think beyond the purely physical realm. It helps us to move into that in between place where we are not restricted by the physical laws of this dimension.

We refer to this energy as the Bridge to the Body of Light.  Think of the Body of Light as that part of your soul that you embrace when you leave this physical existence. We use this Ninth Ray to establish contact with that portion of our soul. Once we have established contact with the Body of Light, then we are ready to work with the Tenth Ray, the Body of Light, and begin to anchor it into our physical body.

I invite you to sit back and listen to this beautiful music infused with the energy of the Ninth Ray. Allow yourself to loosen your identification with your physical body and this material world and use your imagination to contemplate who you are beyond this physical plane of existence.

The Tenth Ray

The Tenth Ray is a pearl colored luminescent energy, and consists of the First, the Second, and the Third Rays, with the white light of wholeness added. It can actually, if you let it, code the Body of Light into the physical structure. It is the Body of Light. 

The Body of Light is a finely tuned, higher vibration that comes to us and is anchored in our dimension through the Tenth Ray. It is the spiritualization of matter. The material is manifestation of spirit, the blending of which you create in harmony with the creator and it comes through as a fine, soft yet powerful energy when you have risen in your own vibration, when you have released, released yourself from the lower vibrations of emotion, when you have centered yourself within your heart, when you have disciplined yourself away from your limits, when you have surrendered to a reality beyond the restrictions in your dimension.

When you work with the Tenth Ray, you are integrating the Body of Light at a cellular level and you are expanding and you are lifting yourself, your physical self, your emotional self, and your mental self to higher understanding, higher wisdom, higher abilities based on your openness to accept who and what you are.

This Tenth Ray can enable you to lock in those changes you are seeking to make, whatever they are, and that’s important for we are all undergoing this process now on Earth.  When we use the lower Rays, particularly Seven through Nine, we let go of restrictions and limits placed on ourselves from our prior experiences, our other incarnations, and our restrictions in this incarnation. This allows us to open to new levels of understanding and being.

This is the next step in the evolution of Spirit here on Earth. As humankind evolves and progresses, so to the Earth evolves with its own Body of Light.

I invite you to sit back and listen to this beautiful music infused with the energy of the Tenth Ray. Allow yourself to connect to that higher part of self that we refer to as the Body of Light and bring it down into this dimension and anchor it into your physical body. 

When you are ready, sit back and relax and click on the audio player to start the guided exercise.

10thrayguidedRichard Shulman
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