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“Pain and suffering. I've had enough of it. How about you? Who said we have to live this way? Where is it written that life has to be experienced this way?

 Many of us have experienced pain and suffering in our lifetimes. Who hasn't heard the expression, "No pain, no gain"? What if it doesn't have to continue on this way? What if you could life your life with grace and ease? Would that be of interest to you?" 

                                     - Introduction to "Create Your Life with Grace and Ease."

Hi. My name is Michael G. Love and for almost twenty years I have worked with alternative and energy healing modalities to guide hundreds of people in becoming creators of their own realities. And now I would like to share with you an updated understanding of the Twelve Rays.

“Create Your Life with Grace and Ease” provides clear, easy to understand practical applications of the Rays of Experience, Rays Four through Ray Seven. Inside, you’ll find explanations of the Rays of Aspect, as they are also known, in plain, simple terms without all the baggage of old ritual and ceremony. Through years of teaching and live workshops, I have created easy to follow guided journeys using the Rays of Experience that will help you deal with everyday life occurrences and concerns. Through my instruction, you’ll learn to move beyond current limiting beliefs and habitual patterns and embrace an expanded sense of self.  The Twelve Rays are energetic tools to help you during your journey in this physical dimension.

In Create Your Life with Grace and Ease, you’ll discover:

​ - How to create harmony from conflict. Use the Fourth Ray to find expression for your mental and emotional conflicts.

 - How to balance your personal energy when you are either too emotionally overloaded or too stuck in your mental pursuits.

 - How to focus on what it is that you are passionate about and create goals that will help you to express your idealism and   devotion.

 - How to create balance in your life between your personal life and the inspirational work that you are involved in.

 - How to process your life experiences using the Seventh Ray, the Violet Flame, and transmute them to a higher energetic level.

- How to use the Seventh Ray as a gateway into the awareness of who you really are. We are spiritual beings coexisting within a magnificent physical structure and simultaneously we exist in a nonphysical dimension.  

 - Full color artwork along with original music to help you to learn to simply and effectively connect to the Rays!

​“Create Your Life with Grace and Ease” is a practical guide to using spirituality in your everyday life. If you like alternative modalities, maintaining your spirituality in a digital age, and feeding your soul with positivity, then you’ll enjoy my refreshing message.

​Buy Create Your Life with Grace and Ease and discover how to use your everyday life experiences as opportunities for personal growth!

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