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Planted Too Firmly?

The Fifth Ray is referred to as the Ray of Concrete Knowledge. This Ray is a very mental energy and is quite available in our world today. Take a moment an consider how the average work day has changed over the past hundred or so years. Back then, most people worked on farms or in factories or were involved in some other type of work that require a lot of manual labor. Today, in contrast, many people work in offices dressed in nice clothes. So many of us sit with a computer terminal nearby. There is much more mental activity at work than there was a hundred years ago.

The Fifth Ray can also be used to help certain individuals balance. Many of us are earthbound in our energies. We are very attached to our physical existence. This energy can be very effective in lifting these individuals when they are planted too firmly. I discuss this more deeply and offer balancing exercises in my Rays of Experience workbook entitled, “Create Your Life with Grace and Ease.

The Twelve Rays are not visible to the human eye. We need to use our imagination to work with them and visualize them. I asked an artist friend of mine, Melinda Roseman, to create artwork for the Twelve Rays. Those beautiful works of art are available on my Twelve Rays website, As and added bonus, I have combine each picture with the music of the Rays that was created by Richard Shulman and is available on his 2CD set, A New Awareness. There is a video for each work of art and each musical track.

Click on the video player below and watch and listen to this unique representation of the Ray of Concrete Knowledge.

You can learn more about this Ray or any of the other Rays by reading the blogs on my website. You can also get a complete overview of all Twelve Rays from my book, “The Reality of Your Greatness – A Personal Journey through the Twelve Rays”. In this book I share with you my personal experience with our “Team” as they led us through each individual Ray. The book is available on Amazon in several formats. Click here to learn more about the book.


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