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Are you feeling disconnected? Are you dissatisfied with conventional religions but still searching for a Divine connection? Discover a modern metaphor of spirituality that provides easily understandable energetic tools that support you in your journey in the 21st century.

​The frenzied pace of the modern world can sometimes be overwhelming. How do you know if you are on the right track? How do you know if you are living up to your true potential?

​Hi. My name is Michael G. Love and for almost twenty years I have worked with alternative and energy healing modalities to guide hundreds of people in becoming creators of their own realities. And now I would like to share with you an updated understanding of the Twelve Rays.

​The Reality of Your Greatness: A Personal Journey Through the Twelve Rays is a clear, easy to understand description of the Twelve Rays, including the New Rays of Soul Integration. Inside, you’ll find explanations of the Rays in plain, simple terms without all the baggage of old ritual and ceremony. There are also guided journeys for each Ray that help you to directly experience the energy of each Ray.

​As you read about each Ray, you’ll learn to move beyond current limiting beliefs and habitual patterns and embrace an expanded sense of self.

​In The Reality of Your Greatness, you’ll discover:

 - An exploration of each of the Twelve Rays and how to tap into each Ray’s energy.

 - Insights into your Divine Heritage and an understanding of how to use the Rays to create balance in your life.

- The ability to replace habitual patterns that no longer serve you and quickly overcome obstacles to personal progress.

- A straight-forward, effective technique for using the Law of Attraction which is part of the Third Ray.

- Inspiration and guidance from my personal journey through the Rays.

- Music and meditations to help you to learn to simply and effectively use the Rays, and much, much more!

​The Reality of Your Greatness is your guiding light to deeper fulfillment. If you like alternative modalities, maintaining your spirituality in a digital age, and feeding your soul with positivity, then you’ll enjoy my refreshing message.

​Buy The Reality of Your Greatness and move your spiritual beliefs into the 21st century!

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