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Reality of Your Greatness Meditations

The First Ray  - Divine Will

 I refer to the first three Rays as our Divine Heritage. All other Rays are sub-Rays from these. The First Ray is the ray of Divine Will. The First Ray helps us to understand that we create our own realities. It helps us to take action.

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The Third Ray - Active Intelligence

The Third Ray is called Active Intelligence. The Law of Attraction is part of the Third Ray. Utilize the Third Ray to focus on your goals, to place your intention. It will help to set into motion, to light the path. It will light the way towards you, but hold your intention clear, visualize and be clear on what you intend to draw, what you wish to see, both for yourself and your planet.

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The Fifth Ray - Concrete Knowledge

"The Fifth Ray is a very mental energy and is quite available on your planet as so many are living in their mental energies, sometimes stuck there.

This energy is quite beneficial for those that are earthbound in their energies. It can be used quite effectively to balance and lift them when planted too firmly.”

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The Second Ray - Love & Wisdom  

 The Second Ray is the Ray of Love and Wisdom. On this Ray, the great spiritual leaders and teachers exist. This Ray is your doorway to the higher mental concepts that pass down from source.  If you can allow yourself to stretch and open to these concepts, they are yours.

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The Fourth Ray - Harmony Through Conflict

 The Fourth Ray is called Harmony Through Conflict. As the name indicates, the energy of this Ray helps us to create harmony out of our experiences of conflict. We all experience conflict in our lives.

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The Sixth Ray - Devotion & Idealism 

 The Sixth Ray, the Ray of Devotion and Idealism, can be found in varying degrees in practically everyone on the planet. The problem is that is can be easily overdone and then the results turn out to be less than positive.

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The Seventh Ray - Gateway into Awareness

 The Seventh Ray is called the Violet Flame and is associated with the Ascended Master St. Germain. We use this Ray to process our unresolved emotions that are stored in the body.

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The Ninth Ray - Contact with the Soul Level

The Ninth Ray is used to loosen the ties with the physical plane and establish contact with the Soul Level.

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The Eleventh Ray - The Bridge to New Awareness

“The Eleventh Ray is a bridge, a bridge to New Awareness, to new horizons. It is the next level for humanity and Earth. You may picture it as an orange pink luminescent energy. It is very special for it is the next era of living for humanity and for Earth.

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The Eighth Ray - A Cleansing Ray  

 "The Eighth Ray, the cleansing Ray, is your allowance of death to those things, those conditions that you no longer find necessary to hold and from that, from those ashes, this Eighth Ray, raises up, much like the Phoenix Rising, and takes what no longer serves and from those ashes transforms and lifts and clears and creates new, new life. “

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The Tenth Ray - The Body of Light

The opportunity that the Tenth Ray offers is to bring more of our soul level consciousness into this relative environment in the third dimension.

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The Twelfth Ray - The New Awareness 

“The Twelfth Ray is New Awareness. It is a combination of all Rays, all possibilities. See it as a golden luminescent energy and it is the best of the Rays to bring in when you are seeking New Awareness. It is literally the embodiment of all the Rays. It will increase the vibration of wherever it is directed.

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