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The Twelve Rays 
Practical Applications

These guided journeys are from the original  Foundational Level workbook which includes the First Ray through the Third Ray. These are the Rays of Aspect. I refer to them as our Divine Heritage.

The First Ray - Divine Will 

Divine Will challenges us to own our roles as creators. Individuals often face resistance in claiming their personal power. We can use the First Ray to help identify the sources of our resistance to change. Once we identify whatever is creating our resistance, we can use the Third Ray to move beyond it. Click the bar below to start the exercise to help you identify your individual sources of resistance.

The First Ray - Divine Will  - Part Two

 We use this alternate version of the First Ray guided journey to identify our sources of strees that we may be feeling. Again, we are only looking to identify the source of the stress. We will use the Third Ray to develop a plan for moving beyond the stress.

The Second Ray - Love & Wisdom

 This meditation uses the Second Ray to connect with the energy of Love and Wisdom. When we make this connection , we never have to feel loneliness again.

The Third Ray - Active Intelligence 

 The Third Ray meditation is used to create a plan to move beyond either the resistance to change or the cause of your stress that you uncovered while using the First Ray meditation. Use this guided journey to create a plan including action steps for you to take.

The Third Ray - Active Intelligence  Part Two

 Manifesting your desires using the Third Ray. The Law of Attraction is part of the Third Ray. This guided journey takes you through a step by step process for consciously creating what you desire in your life.

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