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You Are More

These higher Rays, Rays Eight through Ray Twelve,  help us to raise our individual levels of consciousness to understand that we are multidimensional beings living here in this third dimension while simultaneously living in another dimension, the fifth. This is part of the New Awareness.We are more than we think we are. 

 The Eighth Ray - A Cleansing Ray

 Looking Forward using the Eighth Ray. While the Eight Ray is referred to as the Cleansing Ray and is generally used in conjuction with the Seventh Ray, it can also be used to gain mental clarity.

The Ninth Ray - Connecting to Your Body of Light

 We also use the Ninth Ray to connect with our Body of Light. Once we establish contact we can move on to the Tenth Ray and actually begin to anchor the Body of Light into our physical body.

Tenth Ray - The Body of Light

 This guided journey uses the Tenth Ray to move your Body of Light into this relative, physical dimension. We use this Ray to begin to anchor the Body of Light into our physical structure.

The Twelfth Ray - The New Awareness

 This guided journey uses the Twelfth Ray which is the blending of all the Rays and all the possibilities. We use it to experience a New Awareness and this is the next step forward for humanity.

The Ninth Ray - Contact with the Soul Level

 We use the Ninth Ray to loosen our identification with our physical selves and establish contact with our soul level. We have never actually been disconnected from our soul level consciousness.

The Second Ray - Connecting with Your Physical Body

This guided journey uses the Second Ray, the Ray of Love and Wisdom to help you connect with your physical body and share your gratitude with it for how it has supported you throughout your life. It helps you to say Thank You!

Eleventh Ray - Bridge to New Awareness

 One of the ways we use it to create the bridge is by helping to remove energetic remnants that we still carry with us. Use this guided journey to help identify thse energetic remnants and them transmute them.

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