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My Personal Journey Through the Twelve Rays

The information about the Twelve Rays was originally given to us over the course of several months back in 2005 and 2006. We received the information from our “Team”. They are a group of non-corporeal beings who communicate through a trance channel whom I have named Julie. Over the years, people have asked me if I know the names of our Team. Some have given us their names and you would recognize their names if I shared them. But, they are the first to say that any name is just a label and that all labels are limiting. I prefer to focus on the information they share. We have recorded and transcribed every session with them. Their messages have an energy that comes through the words even on a printed page. All the books that I have written about the Twelve Rays are filled with their direct quotes.

The Twelve Rays are tools that come directly from Source, or All that Is, or God. I prefer to use the term Source. Feel free to swap my use of Source with a label that you feel comfortable with. After all, it is just a label. The Twelve Rays are all about connection. They help us to claim our Divine Heritage as children of God. They remind us of our connection to that part of our being that exists in other dimensions. They help us to break through the illusion of separation. The Rays are more than tools though and I will explain more about that as we go.

What you will learn in this series of blogs is that the Twelve Rays have everyday practical applications. I consider them to be part of a new version of spirituality. A spirituality that is not restricted to a particular label like Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim, or Buddhist, etc. or a particular location like a church, a temple, or a mosque. This new spirituality is not something we do, but rather something that we are. The higher Rays, particularly Rays Eleven and Twelve open us to New Awareness. I believe this new spirituality is part of that New Awareness.

The information about the Rays was shared with us more or less one Ray at a time. This was done in order for us to have the time to process and integrate the information of each individual Ray. I'm glad that we received the information this way because it did take a while to blend with the energy of the individual Rays and to integrate the wisdom of the Rays into our consciousness.

Take a look at the diagram of the Rays that I have included. I have depicted the Rays as three separate groups. The first group, the Rays of Aspect include the first three Rays. I like to refer to them as our Divine Heritage. The second group, the Rays of Attributes, contains the next four Rays, Rays Four through Ray Seven. This group is often referred to as the Rays of Experience. The final group, the Rays of Soul Integration, contains the remaining five Rays. These are the new Rays and they are very special. They enable us to actually begin to bring more of our soul level consciousness into this physical dimension. They also help us to break through to a New Awareness.

Interestingly enough, it took several years to feel comfortable enough to assemble the information about the Twelve Rays into a book. The first book, The Reality of Your Greatness, was first published in 2018. That book is the story of my personal journey with the Team through the Twelve Rays. My intention with the first book was to get out as much information about the Rays as I could. I also wanted to provide a mechanism to help people connect with the energy of the Rays. I developed and taught live workshops with experiential meditations that helped people connect with the Rays. I also worked with a good friend of mine, Richard Shulman, to produce a two-disc CD of original music. The resulting CD, A New Awareness, contains twelve tracks on it, one for each of the Rays. All the music was composed and is performed by Richard.

As soon as the first book was published it became clear to me that there really weren't any practical applications in the book. I then began developing exercises for everyday practical uses for the Rays. The first workbook, entitled The Twelve Rays, contains practical applications and presents exercises for the first three Rays, the Rays of Aspect. I decided to actually write two different books one from the perspective of a wellness practitioner who would be interested in helping to teach these techniques to their clients. The second book is written from the perspective of an individual who wants to learn the techniques for their own daily use.

I wrote a second book of practical applications, Create Your Life with Grace and Ease, for the next group of Rays, the Rays of Attributes which are often referred to as the Rays of Experience. This book is written from the perspective of an individual since it is about individual experience. The Rays of Experience help us to take control of our everyday experiences.

The third book of practical applications, You Are More, is about the third group of Rays, the Rays of Soul Integration. These are the new Rays and they are an interesting group of Rays. They're interesting because the information that was given by the Team for most of these Rays is very sparse. However, the information given about the Tenth Ray is probably the most information that we received for any given Ray. The Eleventh and the Twelfth Rays have to do with the New Awareness and this term was left largely undefined by the team. I had purposely put off the writing of this third book until I felt confident that I had an understanding of what the team meant by the New Awareness.

The message from the Team has never been just about the Twelve Rays. Their message is that we are more than we think we are. Their intention is to correct distortions to their messages that have taken place over time. They remind us of who we really are and the tools that are there for us to use and command.

Buy The Reality of Your Greatness today and learn about the Twelve Rays, the gifts of your Divine Heritage and remember your connection to your higher-self. Open yourself to the New Awareness that they offer.


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