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The Bridge to the Body of Light

The Ninth Ray is referred to as the Bridge to the Body of Light. We use this energy to loosen our ties with the physical plane and establish contact with our soul level consciousness. Many of us are very grounded in our physical bodies and find it hard to think of who we are beyond this dimension. That’s why we use the Ninth Ray. It helps us to think beyond the purely physical realm. It helps us to move into that in between place where we are not restricted by the physical laws of this dimension.

Once we establish contact with our soul level consciousness, we are ready to work with the Tenth Ray, the Body of Light. This is not your light body. This is the form that you take when you leave your human body behind. We can use the Tenth Ray to begin to anchor that level of consciousness into the physical body. This opportunity has never been available to us here in this third dimension before. More on the Body of Light in the next blog.

The Twelve Rays are not visible to the human eye. We need to use our imagination to work with them and visualize them. I asked an artist friend of mine, Melinda Roseman, to create artwork for the Twelve Rays. Those beautiful works of art are available on my Twelve Rays website, As and added bonus, I have combine each picture with the music of the Rays that was created by Richard Shulman and is available on his 2CD set, A New Awareness. There is a video for each work of art and each musical track.

To connect with the energy of the Ninth Ray, click on the video player below and watch and listen to this unique representation of the Ray that we refer to as the Bridge to the Body of Light.

You can learn more about this Ray or any of the other Rays by reading the blogs on my website. You can dive deeper into the practical exercises for using the Ninth Ray that are in my workbook, “You Are More – Using the Rays of Soul Integration to Break Through to New Awareness”. In this book I share with you easy to follow exercises for each one of the Rays of Soul Integration, Rays Eight through Ray Twelve. The book is available on Amazon in several formats. Click this link here to learn more about the book.


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