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Overview of the Twelve Rays

I hope you saw the notice that I posted recently that I have redesigned my Twelve Rays website. This website contains recorded versions of the guided exercises that are in my books about the Twelve Rays. I would like to especially point out the recorded guided exercise in my three workbooks since these exercises offer practical applications for everyday life.

The Twelve Rays are tools to help us on our journey through life here in this relative dimension. They are not meant to be used just within a separate spiritual practice. I like to think about spirituality not as something that we take time for as part of our day. Humankind has long separated religion and spirituality from the other six days of the week. I believe the time has come to no longer see spirituality has something we do, but rather as something that we are.

We all are spiritual beings whether we acknowledge it or not. The Twelve Rays are spiritual tools that help us in our daily lives. I have written a short Overview of the Twelve Rays that helps to explain how the Rays can be used in everyday life. This Overview is free and is available to download as a PDF on my website. You don’t have to sign up for anything. Just follow this link and go to my website and you will see how to easily download the Overview.

It is time to see ourselves as more than just human beings living in this third dimension.

Embrace a reality that is greater than that. Use these tools to help you to release any limiting beliefs about who you are and why you are here. You are more than you think you are! Are you not ready for something grander? Grab this free overview and begin a new journey!


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