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The Twelve Rays' Workbooks

As soon as my first book about the Twelve Rays (The Reality of Your Greatness) was published it became clear to me that there really weren't any practical applications in that book. I then began developing exercises for everyday practical uses for the Rays. The Twelve Rays are tools that come directly from Source. They are available to help us with our everyday experiences here in this relative world. The higher Rays are indeed specifically suited for this third dimension. They are available to everyone. You don’t need to be a saint to access them.

The first workbook, entitled The Twelve Rays, contains practical applications and exercises for the first three Rays, the Rays of Aspect. I refer to these Rays as our Divine Inheritance as children of God, or Source, or the Creator. They have a striking similarity to the Christian Trinity. The difference is they are ours to own. They are a part of who we are. I decided to actually write two different books, one from the perspective of an individual who wants to learn the techniques for their own daily use. The second book is written from the perspective of a wellness practitioner who would be interested in helping to teach these techniques to their clients.

I wrote a second book of practical applications, Create Your Life with Grace and Ease, for the second group of Rays, the Rays of Attributes which are often referred to as the Rays of Experience. This book is written from the perspective of an individual since it is about individual experience. The Rays of Experience help us to take control of our everyday experiences. They help us to process our experiences in this physical world. They help us to move beyond conflict to harmony.

The third book of practical applications, You Are More, is about the third group of Rays, the Rays of Soul Integration. These are the new Rays and they are an interesting group of Rays. They're interesting because the information that was given by the Team for most of these Rays is very sparse. However, the information given about the Tenth Ray is probably the most information that we received for any given Ray. We use these Rays to remember who we really are and make contact with our soul level consciousness. We can actually begin to anchor our Body of Light into our physical body.

The Eleventh and the Twelfth Rays have to do with the New Awareness and this term was left largely undefined by the team. The New Awareness begins with the understanding that we are having a physical experience while at the same time existing in a different dimension, a lighter, less dense dimension. We have a connection with our soul level consciousness that has always been there. And through that connection, we are connected with the Greater Mind.

It takes time to shift from a belief that we are all disconnected beings left here to fend for ourselves, to a knowing that we are all connected and that we have access to as much support as we are willing to ask for and accept. These books are guides for you on your journey to believing that you are in fact more than you think you are. Embrace the gifts that are part of your birthright.


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