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My name is Michael Love. We have been communicating with a group of beings from beyond this dimension for almost twenty years. During that first year we received information about the Twelve Rays.  You may be familiar with the Seven Rays that Alice Bailey wrote about. There are five new Rays. These are the Rays of Soul Integration. They are the next step forward in humankind's evolution. They provide a pathway for bringing more of our soul level consciousness into this third dimension. 

The first section of this page shows my latest blogs. Here you will find more information about the new Rays. Click on any one of them to see the full text.  

The second section of this home page shows each book. You can access the recorded exercises by clicking the listen now button under the appropriate book. 

The next section features the two-disc CD which accompanies the book, "The Reality of Your Greatness". It contains original music composed and performed by Richard Shulman. You can sample the tracks by clicking on the listen now button.

We have more recently received information about Metatron's cube and the Platonic solids. That information can be found on my author's page,   

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Learn about My Books and Listen to the Recorded Exercises 

  Click on the button below to access the recorded meditations.  

Original Book 

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The original story of how we received the information on the Twelve Rays. Included are meditations for each Ray.

Click on the button below to access the recorded sessions. 

First Workbook

This first workbook covers the first three Rays, the Rays of Aspect.  This  book contains practical applications for the first three Rays. The text for each exercise is in the book.  

 A recorded version of each exercise is available by clicking on the button below. 

Second Workbook

This second workbook contains practical uses for the second set of Rays, the Rays of Attributes, Rays Four through Seven. The full text for each exercise is in the book.  

 A recorded version of each exercise is available by clicking on the button below. 

Third Workbook


This third workbook focuses on the new Rays, Rays Eight through Twelve. These Rays have never before been available in this dimension.  Practical exercises are provided for each Ray.  

 Click on the button below to conveniently access the recorded exercises.  

"The work is absolutely beautiful, designed to be a part of the healing journey as presented in Michael G Love’s book.  As each Ray is studied, the music particular to that Ray and set to that vibration, is there to relax, guide and encourage change to be undertaken.

As a standalone work, it is perfect for relaxation, meditation, empowerment and the conscious or unconscious invitation to allow joy and peace to enter to settle the turmoil within.

The first disc contains the 1st to 7th Rays which encompasses the Rays of Aspect and the Rays Attributes. The second disc commences with the 8th ray containing the five Rays of Soul, completing the journey at the 12th Ray where the listener is encouraged to understand that “We are Spirit and step into your power”.

Powerful and completely Spiritual this is a comprehensive body of work sent without doubt from the Divine to help connect to power, energy and awareness, encompassing healing, love, meditation and rebirth.

Richard Schulman equals Divine perfection on A New Awareness: Music of the Twelve Rays."

                                                                           - Blue Wolf Review

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